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JSS (Revision No. 1) CONTENTS Srl. No. Page No. Appendix ‘L’ Format and Cover Page of Design Specification and Packaging Specification. JSS (Revis 29 JSS (Revision No. 1 FORMAT AND CONTENTS OF PACKAGING SPECIFICATION CONTENTS. JSS Binding data, Design Drawings and Technical documentation. Binding Drawing. The manufacturers shall submit “as built” drawings.

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A multi setting overload trip with suitable selection switch in the output circuit of rectifier be incorporated.

Normal operation occurs when the system is operating as intended in the absence of any fault or malfunction which degrades performance beyond established requirements.

Jsx major machinery elements shall be subject to post tests inspections.

A transient may also occur as a result of a momentary power interruption or an abnormal disturbance such 0215 fault clearing. Power Factor where applicable Frequency where applicable Phases where applicable Rated output with cooler in operative All tests required are to be carried out as specified in this specification. Standstill anti condensation heater suitable for operation on V, 50 HZ, 1 Ph supply is to be fitted inside the converter to prevent condensation when the converter is not working.

The frequency converter is to be brushless excitation type.

Frequency modulation is the difference between the maximum and minimum frequency values that occur in a one minute period during steady state operating conditions. The POR shall be at the input terminals of the line contactor connecting the power system to the load bus. This js of requirement covers the manufacturing, testing and onboard commissioning of the transformer rectifier unit required to provide The distortion spectrum includes the components resulting from amplitude and frequency modulation as well as harmonic and non-harmonic components of the waveform.


Sjs first rectifier of a new design is to be subjected to type test in accordance with clause of NES Standard specification and grade of material of each component used to jjss indicated in the binding drawings.

naval headquarters directorate of electrical

The frequency converter shall conform to specification EED-Q and other specifications mentioned therein. The direct current dc component of the AC voltage is the average value of the voltage.

Documents Flashcards Grammar checker. The frequency converter set is to be of closed air circuit monoblock type.

The equipment shall be tested in accordance with this specification in conjunction with NES for rectifier and NES for converters. Over frequency and under frequency are those frequencies which exceed the transient limits for normal operation and are limited by the action of protective devices. The frequency converters should be supplied with the following equipment and accessories: The equipment shall be made from approved material as specified in the specification NES However the frequency converter set should be capable of withstanding the following overload capacity: The rectifier is likely to cause waveform harmonics and electromagnetic noise to be fed back into the input supply.

The unit of frequency is designated hertz Hz. Automatic control of frequency be provided for frequency converter. The equipment supplied shall be warranted from defects, manufacturer and performance for the said period and cover all the defects arising from malfunction through design faults, inappropriate material, bad production and non- conformance to specifications.


The equipment is to be capable of withstanding, for the operating time of the output fuses or the output circuit breaker, a short circuit applied to the output terminals when running at any load between the normal full load and no-load. Adequate space is to be provided inside the transformer rectifier unit and control panels for bunching, jsss and termination of incoming and outgoing cables.

Drip proof totally enclosed construction up to 45 deg from vertical shall conform to specification BS In addition, extended endurance testing of prototype equipment is required to be carried out before approval for their use can be granted.

Eye bolts is to be provided for lifting the nss if it weighs more than 40 Kg. The fixing position for shock vibration mountings are to be such that the height of the machine center of gravity above the plane of fixing does not exceed one half of the minimum span of the mountings.

naval headquarters directorate of electrical

Any user of this Specification may propose an amendment to it. All parameters are to nss checked after 45 minutes. The helo starting rectifier shall be provided with a remote starting panel along with following metering facility: