Circle of Meanings The strength of a great idea; strong, robust, vigorous and mature, a warrior with the power to kill and offer sacrifice; orient your will towards a. 34 — Great Power — HEXAGRAM NUMBER THIRTY-FOUR GREAT POWER. Other titles: The Power of the Great, The Symbol of Great Vigor, Persons of. Hexagrama 34 i ching pdf. The yijing or i ching, when using the wadegiles romanization system is a book from the chinese bronze age about bc and as many.

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Determination is auspicious; regret is gone. For standard, non romance-specific I Ching interpretations please return to the reference page here. Do not try to organize people.

It is no longer necessary to prove anything. The Realizing Person uses the empty spaces of a net. We see the fence opened hexqgrama the horns being entangled. Do not persist in this. Hexagtama version with richer metadata attributionbignose.

You may feel isolated and unsure but you have a profound connection working at a great distance that will bring a time of blessing. The way is clear to achieve growth and progress.

Power must not be allowed to hexagramq into raw force that rides roughshod over everything in its path. It means you have not quite accessed all the strength and love available to you. Stop pushing and reflect on the impasse because all further action will only complicate the situation. The situation is not good.


Although the hexagram does not forbid the use 334 strength, it does concern itself with how strength should be properly controlled and directed. Persistence brings good fortune. Make sure everyone knows they belong. The Way is open. Persisting in this outlook will lead to success. Take it slow and the way becomes clear.

Cast your net wide and make decisive arrangements. The second line, dynamic, shows that with firm correctness there will be good fortune. The hedge falls apart and he is no longer entangled.

He cannot go forward or back away. Note that lines two and four are the most positively forceful lines in the hexagram and that both imply restraint of power as the proper way to attain one’s goals. Image of a careful, methodical advance.

Hexagrsma not be afraid to break hexagramx rules. He carelessly loses the goat. You motives are straight and your strength is adequate to the task. The hedge is broken through, no more entanglement.

I Ching Hexagram #34:

A chun tzu avails-of absence. This turns inner self-restraint into a liberating awareness of the whole. Thus the superior man does not tread upon paths that do not accord with established order.

hexagraama The path out of the dilemma can only be found by waiting and consciously holding on to both sides of the conflict, by making the utmost effort to keep both sides in fullest possible awareness without repressing them or falling into a state of identification. Endurance will bring good fortune.

I Ching Hexagram 34 – Da Zhuang (Great Power) | Cafe au Soul

This is an excellent time for new initiatives that emphasize new directions. You are bexagrama to a creative force. I ching hexagrams 1 through 64 richard wilhelm i ching hexagram translations s i ching reading system provides a summarized version of the richard wilhelm translation of the i ching hexagrams and their moving lines.


Do not allow yourself to become overconfident because you meet with such little resistance in your efforts. The determination of a strong force brings success. Attack them and injure them.

Ch’eng-tzu says on the Image: Correctness is good; regret vanishes. A ram butts a fence, is not able to retreat and is not able to follow; there is no place beneficial; difficult but then auspicious.

The impasse is owing to his want of care.

Power in the toes. The debacle will not last. Develop the strength of your central idea. Congratulations … there is strength and vigor in this situation, like a ram hexagramma knocks down a fence to free himself from captivity.

34 Great Invigorating DA ZHUANG

hesagrama Do not focus on bringing others together We change with ease. In the positive sense, because line five occupies the central place there is the possibility that one understands the Mean and knows when to refrain from action: If you let yourself be led you can realize the hidden potential. Be like an arrow.

A strong urge to act is meaningless if the time is not right to do so.