Cazadores Oscuros — Sherrilyn Kenyon. Un Amante de El Juego de la Noche #5 ✓ (Sin reseñar). Disfruta de la Noche #6 ✓ (Sin reseñar). Pecados de la. Le gusta la sencillez de su rutina, y disfruta de la seguridad que le brinda. Pero una noche de tormenta un intruso altera el equilibrio de su. ¡Si quieres una lectura corta bien caliente, disfruta! Disponible en la biblioteca de Sam Crescent. Publicadas por Club del Ataúd a la/s · Enviar esto por.

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El Protectorado de la Sombrilla — Eknyon Carriger. She is sobbing and crying over him because he is so pretty.

In return, they swear to spend eternity protecting mankind from the daimons and vampires that prey on them. I absolutely love the world of the dark hunters, I love the idea, the recurring characters you see people after they got their happy endingsI basically love the books.

I did not love the MCs. Yep, the story is basically along that line, twists and turns of course. Cine Va de Marvel. Isn’t he just one of the Dark Hunters now? They were terrible to read and imagine, and watching Acheron’s perseverance even if his perseverance was not his desire really connected me to him.

Pecados de la noche Cazadores oscuros. Trono de Cristal — Sarah J. I had a hard time understanding how Acheron fell for her, then hated her, then forgave her, then finally got over her. And Kyrian lives in New Orleans now.


Un Canalla que No lo Era 1. Todos los derechos reservados. Serie Wait for You de J. She was a little too weird for me, yet she had no characteristics that really stood out. Hathaways — Lisa Kleypas. Todo en una noche — Kylie Scott.

Just casually accuse the woman who’s making out with you in bed of being the town bike. This book brought out all kinds of emotions all throughout reading this book, sadness, happiness, madness, revengeful, hatefulness, excitement, and over joy-ness when it came time to kick some ass. The first shsrrilyn of the book we get lots of sex from the main couple and them thinking about the other one’s looks.

She’s a self-proclaimed badass who owns a sex shop and acts like an overgrown rebellious teenager. Sinceshe had placed more than 80 novels on the New York Times list in all formats including manga and graphic novels. As a result everyone Greek hunters and their friends hates him. Moteros — Patricia Sutherland.

La Saqueadora de Libros: Saga Mirame y Dispara de Alessandra Neymar

Moderate to hello there baby violence and sexual content. Los Juegos del Hambre — Suzanne Collins.

Ciudad de Fuego Celestial 6. Back against his will, he became the sole defender of mankind Only it was never that simple Una Navidad Inolvidable 5. Nochf Reading Challenge Reading Challenge. She really annoyed me with cisfruta no-filters, no-holds barred way of communicating, her willingness to just stab people first and ask questions later, and her overall brash, aggressive personality.


It’s thrilling and scary. Sus poderes inmortales se alimentan de las emociones humanas y la ira y hostilidad de Aidan son justo el combustible que necesita para defenderse.

Reto: ¡Continuar Sagas!

But in reality, she is a caring friend and sister, very compassionate and overall just someone who fights to protect human kind.

I was bored by this. I want love, and kissing, and falling in love I wish she would write more about the other intriguing characters in this world.

A Holiday of Love 3. Blood Magic — Tessa Gratton. Charley Davidson — Darynda Jones.

LIBROS I (Dark-Hunters – Cazadores Oscuros) | Dark-Hunter’s World

Sherrulyn it’s even a bit boring, but it should never be serious. It is a relationship with no doubts and no games. New Orleans, Louisiana United States. Our heroine is Tabitha Devereaux, a human vampire-slayer. Amos y Mazmorras — Lena Valenti. Hombre Lobo — Pedro Riera.

I mean it is mind-boggling!

LIBROS I (Dark-Hunters – Cazadores Oscuros)

You’re in good hands. She always wanted better for him, and it was a little frustrating that it took him so long to understand that, but I guess it made her frustration with him so relatable.

I am such a mess. Los Vigilantes sin alma. S disvruta n d r a has read 0 books toward her goal of 75 books. View all 4 comments.