Condair CP3 Mini with Fan. CP3-PR Series with inbuilt fan for direct room applications, kg/hr. The ventilation FAN unit is used for direct room air. The CP3 is an electrode steam humidifier which represents the latest generation of proven electrode steam humidifiers. Using normal drinking. United Humidifiers – Offering Condair Cp3 Electrode Boiler Steam Humidifier in Mumbai, Maharashtra. Read about CAR HUMIDIFIER. Mini Humidifiers.

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Danger of electrical shock!

The admissible control signals are stated in the technical data. Undo water supply and water drain pipe.

Condair Cp3 Electrode Boiler Steam Humidifier

Let the inlet valve dry before reinstallation! Damaged devices or devices with damaged installation may present danger to human life or cause severe damage to material assets. On On backlight permanently switched on Time-Off backlight is switched off after a certain period of time, see chapter 4.

Minimum bend radius of mm x internal diameter with fixed piping? As soon as condajr humidity controller or the humidistat requires humidity, power is switched on for heating.

If necessary change radio address. Humidity sensor signal signal Y missing for more than 1 minute red lights Error E Language versions These mounting instructions is available in various languages.

Condair CP3 Mini technical manual en rt

Yellow LED lights and the service warning message is shown in the display. As soon as the submerged electrodes heat the water up the green LED lights up and after a few minutes approx. Room humidity control System 1 is suited for direct room humidification and air conditioning systems with mainly recirculated air.


Qualification of personnel All actions described in the present mounting instructions must be carried out only by well trained and sufficiently qualified cindair authorised by the owner.

Is the water system properly sealed? JS is a Walter Meier group company. Battery in the radio humidity sensor spent ——— Error E Addr 1 RF Hum.

Condair CP3 Mini technical manual en rt |

Use temperature-resistant installation materials only! Therefore, a complete fault diagnosis always involves a thorough examination of the entire system. Water installation X X Inspect water hoses in the unit for cracks and to see that they are correctly attached, replace faulty hoses Check supply pipe is tight, make tight if necessary.

Inlet valve blocked or defective. PI controller Y input signal from A1 Z input signal from A2 Please contact your Condair supplier, if your application meets the following conditions: Off Menu Set — — — — Set drain factor Conductivity of the water Set draining type in standby operation Set time interval dp3 forced draining Info page 6: Hang the unit up onto the wall support.

Steam humidifiers | Condair – industrial humidifier specialist

This combination produces a steam output of up to kg with precision and maximum hygiene. If it is not, check whether the type designation on the CF card supplied corresponds with the type designation and the heating voltage on the type plate on the intermediate panel of the unit.


Is the unit installed in the condakr place see chapter 5. The more the electrode surface is exposed to water, the higher is the current consumption and thus the steam capacity. If you have questions relating to the dimensioning of ventilation ducts in combination with steam humidifiers Condair CP3mini, contact your Condair supplier.

The control signal must be set via the control software. The steam distribution pipes are selected on the basis of the duct width for horizontal installation or the duct height for vertical installation and the capacity of the steam humidifier. If you have questions, which are not or insufficiently answered in this documentation, please contact your Condair supplier. Service interval for steam cylinder exceeded red and yellow flash Error E Consair the Condair CP3mini out of operation as minu in chapter 4.

Inlet valve X Remove and clean filter insert, replace if necessary.