Victaulic is a global manufacturing leader of mechanical pipe joining & pipe union products offering durable, money & time saving pipe connectors (grooved. View & download Victaulic content files for BIM piping software including Autodesk – AutoCAD 2D, 3D Blocks & Plant 3D; Autodesk – Revit MEP; Autodesk . Victaulic catalogs online. Download PDF or save as a collection. Find Victaulic general product catalog for grooved pipe fittings & couplings, valves, adapters.

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C to E mm Inches Approx. Number of bolts required equals number of housing segments.

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Victaulic products are routinely tested to failure in unrestrained hydrostatic and flexure tests. Pipe Height from Floor: Alternate units are available for Australian Standard Copper. Victaulic standard grooved pipe couplings are designed for use with pipe grooved to victaullic Victaulic groove specifications and Victaulic grooved end fittings, valves, and related grooved end components only.

Weight Each kg Lbs.

Victaulic Tools For RevitĀ® – Faster Pipe Routing and Fabrication – Victaulic Tools For RevitĀ®

Victaulic has a complete line of tools for preparing pipe to Victaulic specifications. For complete product approval details, please reference publication The information presented in this guide is general in scope and should be used only with this full knowledge and understanding. Performance data listed herein is based on proper pipe preparation. Halogenated Butyl M Gaskets: Ductile iron except those marked sw which are segmentally welded steel.

Pipe must be prepared to meet Victaulic specifications outlined for each specific product style. Contact Victaulic for others. E to E mm Inches Approx.



Now customize the name of a clipboard to store your clips. Contact Victaulic for details. Victaulic couplings provide designers with versatility not found in other pipe joining methods. Style W AGS Vic-Flange adapter provides rigid joints when used on pipe with AGS groove dimensions and consequently allows no linear or angular movement at the joint.

Furthermore, it should not be concluded that, in instances where a gasket is not affected by several substances used alone, their combination will have no reaction on the gasket. Pressure Ratings and End Loads for roll grooved pip are based upon tests on pipe prepared in accordance with Victaulic specifications using Victaulic Vic-Easy Roll Grooving tools. Victaulic Power Market Brochure Technology.

These recommendations do not apply to rubber-lined or rubber seal valves or other rubber-lined products. Victaulic Double Groove Our piping systems are found around the world in thousands of applications from commercial comfort piping systems; industrial process and utility piping; residential and commercial fire protection systems; oil and offshore drilling platforms; coal and mineral mining operations; and water and wastewater plants and facilities.

G VTanning Liquors 50 g. Nor are they intended for use on pipe with a surface hardness greater than Brinell.

Each model may require different incoming power requirements. In a matter of minutes the basket can be cleaned and reinstalled so the system is quickly vvictaulic in service. Often pipe in the T6 tempered state cracks when roll grooved, depending upon the pipes mechanical properties, which vary from pipe to pipe. B, C Pipe End Sep. For use on cut groove systems only.


Working pressure ratings are based on pipe prepared in accordance with Victaulic double cut groove specifications. Heavy serrated phonograph record finishes are not acceptable. Use of these tools is recommended in preparing pipe to receive Vicraulic products. For one time field test only, the Maximum Joint Working Pressure may be increased to 1 the figure shown. GPM Cubic Meters per min. RW Rolls RW is the Victaulic part code designator for grooving roll sets specifically designed for roll grooving standard well pipe to AGS specifications.

In addition, where long length, low pressure applications may require few intermediate alignment guides, the pipe weight, including any liquid contents, must be adequately supported. Figured or standard cut grooved pipe may be doubled.

The following chart shows a comparison between typical metric and IPS pipe sizes. These pressure ratings are general guidelines.

Contact Victaulic for availability. The housings slide on the angled pads rather than caralogo squarely. The use of rigid couplings to install the straight run adjacent to the expansion loop is a recommended practice. All Series EN butterfly valves are bronze castings.

When used with rubber seated wafer butterfly valves, a flat metal adapter plate is needed.

Rigid couplings create a rigid joint, useful for risers, mechanical rooms and other areas where flexibility is not desired.