Camera manuals and free digital camera pdf instructions. Find the user manual you need for your camera and more at ManualsOnline. View and Download Canon PowerShot A user manual online. Canon User Guide DIGITAL CAMERA PowerShot A, PowerShot A PowerShot A View and Download CANON POWERSHOT A user manual online. POWERSHOT A Digital Camera pdf manual download. Also for: Powershot a

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These cards are collectively called memory cards in this guide. Use of genuine Canon accessories is recommended. This product is designed to achieve excellent perforrnance when used with genuine Canon manuaal.

I Table of Contents Items marked with a -k are lists or charts that summarize camera functions or procedures. Using the LCD Monitor When the power isturned on Printing with adirect print compatible printer Handling the Memory Card Using the Power Kits Sold Separately Warning Against Copyright Infringement Please note that Canon digital cameras are intended for personal use and should never be used in a manner that infringes upon or contravenes international or domestic copyright taws and regulations.

Video Format Please set the camera’s video signal format to the one used in your region before using it with a TV monitor p.

Language Setting Please see the Basic Guide p.

Continued use of the equipment may result in fire or electrical shock, immediately turn the camera power off and remove the camera batteries or unplug the power code from the power outlet. Do canom use it with other products. There is a risk of overheating and distortion which could result in fire or electrical shock. The flash may be damaged and emit smoke or noise.

If the indicator blinks orange and the camera shake waming icon [] displays, this indicates that a slow shutter speed may have been selected due to insufficient illumination.

Raise the ISO speed p. This camera is equipped with a power saving function, The power wilI shut off in the following circumstances. Press the power button again to restore power. Powers down approximately 3 minutes after the last control is accessed on the camera.

The LCD monitor automatically The following menus are available. Menu The icons shown below are the default settings. Adjusts the volume of movie sounds and sound memos. This is the only way to return C mode settings to defaults.

See Menus and Settings p. Large x Pnnting to about A3 size pixeis Approx. However, [Digital Tele-converter] cannot be set. You can combine digital zoom with optical zoom when shooting.

Canon PowerShot A630 Digital Camera User Manual

The available shooting characteristics and focal lengths 35 mm film equivalent are as follows. The digital tete-converter feature uses digital zoom to achieve the About Super high-speedSDCMSH memory card sold separately to which low-levelformatting p, 26 is conducted immediately before shooting, – This reflects standard shooting criteria established by Canon. Actual results may vary according to the subject and shooting conditions. For printing instructions, refer to the Direct Print User Guide.


Embedding the Date in the Image Data You can embed the date in image data when [] Postcard mode is selected. YOU can display vertical and horizontal grid lines, a 3: Displays grid lines to divide the screen into 9 parts.

The following movie modes are available. For information on the recording pixets and frame rate in each mode, refer to Recording Pixels and Frame Rates p. Motion JPEG on a manusl.

Canon POWERSHOT A Manuals

Me”u rame ” ate i ; Recording Pixels. The camera automatically sets the shutter speed and aperture value to match the brightness of the subject. The aperture adjusts the amount of light entering through the lens. When you set the aperture value, the camera automatically selects a shutter speed to match the brightness.

Selecting a lower aperture value opening the aperture allows you to blur the background and create a beautiful portrait. You can manually set the shutter speed and aperture to shoot images.

Press hold shutter button press MF button. Shooting in Manual Focus Mode The focus can be manually set. P Tv Av You can set the exposure and focus separately.

This is effective when the contrast is too strong between the subject and background or when a subject is backlit.

Canon PowerShot A user manual – – Solve your problem

Focus on the of the Subject on which wish to lock exposure Changing the shutter speed aperture value combination The automatically selected combinations of shutter speeds and aperture values can be freely changed without altering the exposure to shoot images.

You can lock the flash exposure so that the exposure settings are correctly set regardless of the composition of your subject. Focus on the of the subject on Which wish to lock Metering Methods Appropriate for standard shooting conditions, including backlit scenes.

Normally, the [] Auto white balance setting selects an optimal white balance. When the [] Auto setting cannot produce natural looking colors, change the white balance using a setting Using the Custom White Balance You can set a custom white balance to obtain the optimal setting for the shooting conditions by having the camera evaluate an object, such as a piece of white paper or cloth, or If you are using the optical viewfinder ensure that the entire field is filled.

YOU can change the look of an image when it is shot. Vivid Emphasizes the contrast and color saturation to record bold colors. See Menus andSettings p.

This feature can be used for both still shots and movies, and offers you the enjoyment of staging image and movie effects. However, depending on the shooting conditions, there are occasions when the image may appear rough, or you may not Shooting in the Color Accent Mode Movie: Still image Aim the camera so that the original color appears at the center Changing the Save Method for the Original Image When you are shooting still images in the Color Accent or Color Swap mode, you can specify whether or not both the altered image and the original image are recorded.

Menu;[Save Origin all;[on] [off]. P Tv Av M Raise the ISO speed to use a fast shutter speed when you wish to reduce the effects of camera shake or avoid blurry subjects, or to turn the flash offwhen shooting in a dark area. Tv Av Although the built-in flash will fire with automatic flash adjustments except in the M modeit is also possible to set it so that it fires without any adjustments. When necessary, you can then shoot images with previously saved settings by simply turning the mode dial to C.


Settings that are not memorized when the shooting mode is changed or when the power is turned off such as continuous shooting or self-timer are also remembered. Creates a new folder the next time you shoot Create New Folder images. The symbol will cease to display after the new folder is created.

The images you shoot are automatically assigned file numbers. File Number Reset Function A number one higher than the last one recorded assigned to the next image. File and Folder Numbers Recorded images are assigned consecutive file numbers starting with and ranging up towhile folders are assigned numbers starting with and ranging up to Up to 2, images can be saved into a single folder. When you have many images recorded onto a memory card, it is handy to use the five search keys below to jump over images to find the object of your search.

Jump 10 Images Jumps over 10 images at a time. Jump Images Jumps It will resume when you press the button again. Slow Motion Playback You can use the 4, button to slow down or the 4, button to speed up playback. You can add effects to recorded images stills only using the My Colors function. The following selection of My Colors effects is available.

For details, see p. While the image is zoomed, you can press the FUNC. Pressmg ,t again resumes recording. Use this feature to automatically play back all of the images in the memory card. The LCD monitor displays each image for approximately 3 seconds. Please format the memory card when you want to erase not only image data but also all the data contained on the memory card p.

This is extremely convenient for printing on a direct print compatible printer, or for sending the images to a photo developing service that supports DPOF. Refer to the Software Starter Guide for instructions on how to transfer images to your computer. All the Images on a Memory Card order settings. I Viewing Images on a TV You can use a video-compatible television as a monitor to shoot or play back images when it is connected to the camera with the supplied AV Cable, Turn off the camera Connect AV cable camera’s terminal.

A slow shutter speed has ;e Raise the ISO speed p. LCD monitor is closed, The subject ishard t o Use t he focus lock, AF lock or focus on.