Ambattha Sutta contains two special moments: 1) the mention of the possession by the Buddha of an illusory body (this can be seen in the. With Ambaṭṭha. So I have heard. At one time the Buddha was wandering in the land of the Kosalans together with a large Saṅgha of around five hundred. Ambattha Sutta. Preached at Icchānankala when Ambattha-mānava visited the Buddha (D.3). Reference is made to the Commentary on this sutta where a.

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But if he goes ambattja from the lay life to homelessness, he becomes a perfected one, a fully awakened Buddha, who sktta back the veil from the world. IV,and below, D. So, young men, do not disparage Ambattha too much for being the ancestor of a slave girl.

Riffraff they are, and riffraff they remain! After eating their fill, the Buddha gives a graduated suttta followed by ambsttha sermon on the dharma in brief. Ambattha, with all the pride suutta arrogance of youth, traveled by carriage with an entourage of young men into the dense jungle where Buddha was.

From the description, I infer that it is early afternoon, and the Buddha is taking his customary nap, lying on his right side, as was his wont. Rishi, mystic sage, magician being no doubt implied, as in B. But if he shoots the arrow downwards, there abmattha be an earthquake across the entire realm.

Suppose I were to ask after his clan name? One or two of the details are not quite certain, as yet. Suppose a Brahmin youth were to wed a Khattiya maiden, and there was a son of the union.

He asked his pupil to test Buddha and see if he has the 32 marks of a Great Man and to justify if Buddha is the fully enlightened one. Suppose King Pasenadi was sitting on the neck of an elephant or on horseback, or was standing on the chariot-mat, conferring with his ministers and princes about something. The refrain at the end of each of them ‘higher and better than the last’ is here, of course, to be read not as higher fruit of the life of a recluse, but as higher conduct.


Ambattha Sutta: 1 definition

The aristocrat is best of those people who take clan as the standard. The Sakyans descended from the four elder legitimate sons of King Okkaka, who intermarried with their own sisters to maintain the blood purity of the Sakyan line.

It is only by having got rid of all such bondage that one can realise for himself [] that supreme perfection in wisdom and in conduct,’. And of these four, three–the nobles, the tradesfolk, and the work-people–are, verily, but attendants on the Brahmans.

The Shakyans descended from the four elder legitimate sons of King Okkaka, who intermarried with their own sisters to maintain the blood purity of the Shakyan line. Now is not the time for silence.

We have come hither to call upon him.

The refrain from here onwards is: In this sutta, the ambaytha talk in brief corresponds to a sermon on the Four Noble Truths, but it can be about any topic. Then Ambattha came to the park.

Gotama humble Amba tth a too sternly with this reproach of being descended from a slave girl. Since there is no suggestion of sleeping, it seems that Pokkharasati and the Buddha spent the early morning hours talking together. Yet still the aristocrats are superior and the brahmins inferior. Wmbattha is used in sacrifices, and also on special occasions.

Set me free, mother, of this dirt. Change the script of the Pali ambatthaa This enables you to read the Pali text in various scripts. These are quite literally bodily marks that can be observed and were observed on the body of Gotama when he was born. And, Ambattha, I too say this.

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Ambattha Sutta; 1 Definition(s)

Anathapindika visits the Buddha, who tells him of the five guilty fears—that begotten by killin The name of the Sakyans, on the other hand, means, strong as teak saka. For I also say this: Icchanankala was near Ukkattha, the domain of the Brahman Pokkharasati, to whom the king had made a gift of the town.

The verse is a favourite one. Thus have I heard. The rights of the peasants to the other half, and to the use of the common and waste and woods, would remain to them. IV, there were also Amba tth as who were not Brahmans by birth, but farmers.

A Brahmin should … sit with a sitting Brahmin …. Brahma addresses the gods DN 19 Mahagovinda Sutta: That Ka n ha was a mighty seer:. Again, an ascetic or Brahmin, being unable to live on windfalls, takes a spade and basket, thinking: Then the Lord said to Ambattha, “Ambattha, I have a fundamental question for you, which you will not like to answer.

Elsewhere the word has only been found as applied to marriage; and the first part of the compound brahma has always been interpreted by Brahmans as referring to themselves. Crouching down close to the Lord, he said, “What did the Reverend Gotama say?

After that, the comrades of Ambattha express contempt for the latter, but the Buddha stops them, explaining that the mother of Kanha, the ancestor of Ambattha, was a slave, but Kanha became a great sage and belonging to ambatthq family is not at all humiliating, but, on the contrary, honorable. So shall I be of use to you. Suppose a brahmin boy was to sleep with an aristocrat girl, and they had a son.