World Trade () – Berrisch, georg M., ‘allgemeines Zoll- und handelsabkommen (gaTT )’, in: hans-Joachim prieß and georg M. Berrisch ( eds.). ; R. Senti, GATT: Allgemeines Zoll- und Handelsabkommen als System der in den Beziehungen zwischen Industrie- und Entwicklungsländern, ;. Dez. Zoll- und Handelsabkommens sind, schließlich dessen . c) „GATT “ bedeutet das Allgemeine Zoll- und Handelsübereinkommen, das in.

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International Organization 47 2: Limited-Dependent and Qualitative Variables in Econometrics. Some of them only provide a pre-configured structure that cannot be adapted to the user’s needs. In the case of legislation enacted by community institutions, legislation might possibly take the lead. In the case of free-text fields, a collocation would have to be typed in several times, i. We found that for translators in everyday practice, it is hardly possible to come across such formal definitions.

Die Hoffnung, dass [ Volume 25 Issue 1 Janpp. Volume 3 Issue 4 Janpp.

EUR-Lex Access to European Union law

For such a tool to be ynd useful, it would have to be designed in a way that satisfies various needs, because there is simply no thing such as “the translator” per se; our last report cf. In companies it may be advisable to make a distinction between “public” information and confidential information that should only be available internally.

Thelen, Kathleen und Sven Steinmo. These yandelsabkommen can be of the following kind: At the same time, it is of prime importance that navigating between languages be as easy as browsing Unilingual information cf. Additionally, however, it can be fed with existing translations and their source texts.

English nominal phrases, by contrast, are difficult to distinguish. Agencies or freelancers on the other hand will have to present the whole range of terms specific to different customers or projects. Fully aware of the paramount importance of practical aspects in this field, the editors from the beginning also have sought to include contributions from practitioners of international law.


This process of terminological research handeosabkommen time-consuming and not to be underrated. Statement by the President. For instance, the collocators einbauen, installieren, betreiben, motornah anordnen, voraltern, einsetzen etc. Slater, Jerome und Jan Knippers Black. The EU Banana Regime. Emphasises the importance of achieving compatibility between multilateral environment agreements such as the Kyoto Protocol and the WTO framework, particularly with respect to the application.

The Logic of Two-Level Games. Ubermittlungsabschnitt, Zusammenarbeiten, Verbindungsleitung, Abschnitt, Verkniipfung” p. Statistische Analyse von Handelskonflikten Seite 91— The attribute values can be used as search criteria to filter out all information that should be subjected to further updating, e. The information provided by them can certainly be useful for translators, but only if it is expanded and complemented in the way described above.

ETHNIC GROUPS : International African Bibliography (IAB)

Expert feedback is a major means of eliminating insecurities and of matching the terminology handelsabkommmen from translators’ analysis of multilingual technical texts with that brought in by company staff from technical discourse. Not all collocations are as simple as the ones quoted above.

They may even serve as a basis for work with currently available commercial terminology software. Einfiihrnng in die allgemeine Tenninologielehre und tenninologische Lexiko- graphie. In this way, information does not need to be entered twice or even several times, zolll considerably reduces redundancy in termbank storage and the amount of work to be done. Banana Exports from Latin America and the Caribbean: As these terms tend to re-occur not only in old documents, but also in highly topical texts which are to be translated, users need to be given direct access to all synonyms, even the unrecommendable ones.


Cooperation within the General Agreement on [ Staatsverlag der Deutschen Demokratischen Republik. Eine Betrachtung am Beispiel des Zeitschriftenfalles. These include the essential elements of the Internal Market; ensuring the ability of manufacturers and importers to circulate their goods, including agricultural goods, freely within the Union’s boundaries; the freedom to provide services, such as banking or finance, across national boundaries; the maintenance of an energetic and effective competition policy, providing proper control over mergers and cartels, and not less over state aids; [ What is more, it would not be possible to link the information categories elaborated for one of the terms to all other terms of the cluster either, as this would put excessive demands on the link network.

International African Bibliography

Partially elaborated terms could share information where appropriate and have their own where they differ. In order to avoid confusion, they need to be categorized zllgemeines well structured. The EC Banana Saga: For such cases, it would be helpful to save all new entries as having the status Red by default, unless specifically stated otherwise. The user can only benefit from this category if it demonstrates how the expert would actually put it.

Journal of World Trade 43 2: However, to a certain degree, this knowledge can be imparted even to unexperienced translators in the form of comments expanding the information on individual terms. Here, one of the main purposes of a termbank might be to centralize hitherto scattered terminological information and to make it available to translators, terminologists and anyone else who needs it.

International Trade and Political Conflict: